Blackjack's Good Standing

In the game of Blackjack, the player can have any of these possibilities at the finale of their game, the player can have blackjack, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, and 16 or even less, the worst thing is that the player can exceed 21, this mean he has a busted hand. If the player busts, he automatically loses but if the player gets a blackjack card on his hand he automatically will receive a bonus of 1.5 times his bet. However, do you really know your chances of getting 17 to 21? You might always hope that you will get this cards but that's not always the case in this game.

Example given: a player standing on 17 with a six deck of cards. Some players will be happy and contented on his card if he got 17 and he will surely stand thankfully. But, the player will nevertheless lose more money if the dealer has any cards, except for 6. The player will only depend on the cards number 6 to win some money.

But what should the player actually do? Honestly, he can't do anything about it either. Having cards at 17 can either result to losing a great amount of money. But here is the catch, most of the times the player can stand on his number 17 and can win in due time. 17 is not a good hand with players, this is why the player should not stand on soft 17. But what about standing when the player got 19? Yes, these cards should be a winning hand. But not almost, if the dealer got a 10 or an Ace, the player will lose.

To make sure to have a strong hand is when the player has a 20. This can give the player more money at the end of the game. If the player got 20 he better leave this card alone for he has a very strong hand already.

This should not come as a surprise, hence, to know about 70% of the player's total winnings at the game of blackjack will come from being dealt. These are the A-10 and the 10-10 cards.

Almost all the winnings of the player won by the following 5 hands: the 11, 10-9, 10, A-9 and A-8. This is important to learn the right strategy for blackjack since this count so much regarding the player's totality of winning. Always remember to double down if the player got 11 in a multiple game.

On the contrary of losing, these following hands on about 85% find financial losses at hard 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

It is nice to know the statistics of number but it won't help the players to generate more money from the game of pure statistics. Basic strategy will help the player generate more money and knowing the odds that favor the players.

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