Learn how to play online Blackjack with fun an ease

Have you been left out by friends when they go to the nearby casino to play blackjack? You desperately want to join them but don’t know how? Here are some basic blackjack playing tips to help you keep up with the hottest card game there is.

Blackjack or twenty-one, is a fast-paced game that requires not only sheer luck, but also the proper game strategy and mindset. The name blackjack was derived from a combination of Jack and Ace. It traces back to a game where a player who has a hand of Jack and Ace of Spades is paid extra. The color of the suit spade is black, combined with the Jack, hence the name blackjack.

The basic objective of blackjack, is to have a hand closest to twenty-one and higher that the dealer. A blackjack player needs not to worry about the hand of other players. His win or loss does not affect the fate of other player’s hand. In order to win one must only beat the dealer’s hand.

To get stated, one must first know the value of cards at play. All of the cards in the deck, except for the two jokers, can be used to play blackjack. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks have the same value as the tens. All other cards have the same face value. The Aces however, has value of either eleven or one.

There are two hands involving the Ace of any suit. There are the soft-hand and the hard hand. The soft hand is a hand involving an ace, which can be counted as one or eleven without going over twenty one. On the other hand, a hard hand is composed of an ace of any suit, that can only be counted as one, without going over twenty-one.

The game of blackjack starts with betting. Once the betting period has ended, the dealer is now ready to deal the cards.

The dealer gives two cards, face-up, to every player, starting from his left. When a blackjack player is not satisfied with the value of his hand, he could deal and get another card face-down, ‘till he is satisfied or busted.

After each player reveals their hand, the dealer will then distribute the winnings and keeps the bets that are lost.

It’s so easy! You can win a lot with just a single round of blackjack. No wonder blackjack tables are always so crowded. Visit your local casino or get online to experience the fun and excitement a game of blackjack can only offer.