The Fun of Double Blackjack

If you've had experience playing blackjack then you probably know how easy the rule is. All you need to do is try to get a total of 21 from your cards. Or if you can't get to that, have the total sum of your cards as near to 21 as you possibly can. You win if you get 21 or if your cards have a total that is greater than the dealer. Pretty simple right?

But if you find that boring, then try this exciting blackjack variation. It is called the double blackjack. To start of, when playing double blackjack, there are no rule changes. The only change is that the dealer plays his two cards face up. That means you get to see what he has and form your strategy appropriately.

Let us take for example in deciding if you have to double down or not. A double down, to review, is when a player doubles his wager but will get only one card to draw. From many strategies available in blackjack, we know that a player should double down when these situations occur:

1.when the player's card has a sum of 11 while the dealer's cards do not contain an ace, or 2.when the player's card has a sum of 10 while the dealer's cards do not contain an either an ace, or a 10.

As you can see, with double blackjack, the problem of trying to guess the dealer's hand is eliminated. A player immediately gets an advantage. Can't decide whether to draw a card or not? Well, the double blackjack format makes that easy. Does the dealer's two cards have a hard total of 17, meaning it has no aces? Then better stand.

But if you think that casinos are doing this to make the player win a lot of games, think again. As said earlier, there are no rules changes to the game. Aside from the dealer showing his cards at the start, another thing that changes is how the payouts or win is determined. For example, in a started blackjack game, when your cards have a total sum equal to the dealer's or a tie, then your bet is just returned to you. Some casinos however, have a rule in double blackjack than when your hand ties with that of the dealer, then you lose.

The exciting thing about double blackjack is that your whole strategy is changed. But any gambler knows that you rarely stick with one strategy.